Melo Fellowship

Our 6-month flagship program for youth to co-create impact projects with CEOs and participate in closed-door authentic dialogues

There are 2 main tracks under Melo Fellowship Program


Throughout the past 2 years, our Fellows and CEOs have created different initiatives to impact various stakeholders in the society. More to come!

On the theme “Health and Aging”, a Co-Creation group in Class of 2021 worked with the CEO to promote the message of workplace inclusion.

We should not underestimate the performance of a SEN employee, while in most cases, we should treat and support them like everyone else.

On the theme “Youth Engagement”, our 2022 Melo Fellows worked with CEOs to develop the “Youth Advisory Board”.

The young voices impressed the audience with their engaging sharings on why and how business should make good use of the Youth Advisory Board to strengthen the cohesion between corporates and young people

On the theme “Sustainability”, our 2022 Melo Fellows worked with the CEOs to discuss the value-action gap across generations.

Gen Z do care about sustainability, and to a great extent, but their actions do not match with their environmental values. Clearly, we all should act now to close the gap, not just Gen Z

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Joint Discovery

Throughout the past years, we have created more than 40 dialogues exchange and experiences for our Fellows

Going forward, the future is in the hands of our youth. Their critical thinking skills, empathy, and leader skills are the key - on “The Future of Hong Kong”

“We seek diversity, without division. Unity, without uniformity” - by Fellow Journalist, Eva Chui

Learned about easily forgotten parts of Hong Kong - both the precious nature and culture that makes this place a unique city like no other - through local eco-tours

Our Selection Process for Melo Fellows

We look for any HKUST undergraduate students of any background with:

  • Passion for positive impact on our society
  • Open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity
  • Thought leadership and willingness to share your own authentic stories

What this program gives you:

  • Experiential growth journey and direct relationship with 10-15 leading CEOs of Hong Kong
  • Being part of a growing CEO-student network passionate about positive social change

What this program asks of you:


  • We expect that the 20 Melo Fellows selected will each spend about 3-4 hours per week on this program - either on the co-creation work with the CEOs or participating in joint discovery events
  • We aim to provide the best experience of any youth empowerment program. As such, we hope our selected Fellows will also treasure this opportunity and devote their hearts and minds to fully experience our journeys together

The Melo Scholarship is set up to encourage students from any backgrounds with an interest to learn about and create social impact to join our Project Melo Program. We hope to support young talents to broaden their perspectives without sacrificing other financially related opportunities.